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Why Leather is better?

Why choose leather over other materials? Leather has been around for thousands of years and has proven to date to be the material of choice for fine goods. The great benefits of leather are it gets better with time, like a fine wine and the more it is used the softer and more supple it becomes. If you care for leather properly it will last and look great for decades to come, whereas, manmade materials breakdown, fray apart, trap dirt due to their porosity, fade quickly, and easily get mold. Taking that beautiful new puppy paw printed leash from Petco to a smelly, faded, dirty old looking leash in months. The leather is easier to grip and softer on the hands doesn’t compress or stretch and is easy to clean. Leather is a renewable resource and biodegradable, man-made materials like nylon are made from carbon and takes centuries to break down and decompose back into the environment.
Police forum quotes on Nylon vs leather for duty belts… these would be the same concerns for leashes and collars
“I’ve used leather for the last 3 years, my belt looks almost as good as it did the day I bought it, (and I don’t baby my gear). Can’t say the same for some of the Nylon gear I’ve seen people wear. Call me old fashioned but cows just make some things better.
Leather-Pro, very durable, lasts forever, cleans well, looks great
Con, heavy, loud, expensive
Nylon-Pro, durable, get it dirty just throw it in the washing machine, good for work/training in very dirty conditions, Lightweight, cheaper than leather
Con fades fairly quickly, doesn’t have the same professional look as leather
I’m not trying to discredit either one, I like leather but that’s just me. Both have their place, both serve the same purpose. It mostly depends on how much your budget allows you to spend, Leather will cost a lot more than nylon. “
“Leather without a doubt. Well polished but not glossy either plain or basketweave. If you are in BDU’s or utilities for some reason such as K-9 or working the range then okay for nylon. Otherwise, I am still old-fashioned and want leather cleaned and polished gear with dress pants and shirt and tie with leather billed 8 point hat and shined accessories. I still maintain a cop should look like a Marine Poster in dress uniform! “